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Senior Pastors Dwain and Joel Wolfe:

Do you believe God can change your circumstances? At New Horizon we know He can! No matter where you're at, it is never too late to be touched by God's love and grace.

  • Be transformed by the power of God's love in an atmosphere of faith.
  • Learn how to overcome the problems crippling your life.
  • Experience God's tangible presence as we host His Spirit in worship.


Come see what happens when Heaven Meets Earth!

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Service Times:


Monday - Friday at 5:30am
Monday - Friday at 9:00pm
Monday- Thursday at Noon

Saturday Night Service:

Saturdays at 6pm

Celebration Service:

Sundays at 10am

Tribe Youth Service:

Every Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Upcoming Events:

January 28th Icon

Tribe Youth:
Wed, January 28th
6:30pm @ NHC

January 29th Icon

Olds Small Group:
Thu, January 29th
7:00pm @ Olds' Residence

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January 30th Icon

Lapenski Small Group:
Fri, January 30th
7:00pm @ Lapenski Residence


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